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Index – Economy – Thousands of jobs are at risk at Volkswagen

Index – Economy – Thousands of jobs are at risk at Volkswagen

The plans were announced by Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of Saxony, on Tuesday evening in Riesa. The politician said that in the next few days, and perhaps hours, “unfortunate news will arrive” from Zwickau. He added: “A whole series of colleagues – at least temporarily – will not be able to work there anymore.”

the picture I learned that Kretschmer had received bad news from Wolfsburg, where the company’s management and the General Works Council had been discussing for days the future of the electric car plant in Saxony. The German newspaper learned from the negotiating parties that not all fixed-term contracts will be extended. The size will then be reduced in stages

It will affect hundreds of workers already as of October.

The planned layoffs will be officially announced on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. at a two-day company meeting held at the plant in Zwickau Moselle. There have been major disturbances in the factory for a long time. The IG Metall union recently wrote an open letter to company management demanding answers.

Bild contacted the factory workers, but none of them wanted to comment. “We fear for our future, we will know more tomorrow after the factory meeting,” was the same answer over and over again.

Five out of ten people in my family work at Volkswagen. All with temporary employment contracts. We fear for our existence

One of the workers said.