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Index – economy – there is a problem, MVM warns of fraudulent invoices

Index – economy – there is a problem, MVM warns of fraudulent invoices

Recently, clients of MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt again received fake invoice notifications sent by a phishing scammer. As a responsible energy provider, with the protection of our customers in mind, we ask you to look carefully at the billing notices you receive – warns MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt.

The company draws attention to the fact that phishing and fraudulent emails can be identified, and an informative website has been created regarding the tell tale signals, where you can find all the necessary information. Invoices at the link below can be verified.

They are sent from non-hungarian email addresses

According to MVM, scammers send phishing emails about invoice completion from various, usually non-hungry email addresses, where the data is often inaccurate, and the invoice amount usually does not match the expected value based on consumption.

We would like to draw the attention of our customers that invoice notifications from MVM Next can only come from the following senders: [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

– they state in their declaration, where they add that electronic invoices or invoice notifications sent by e-mail always include the contractual current account number kept in MVM Next, the account number, and also indicate the data required for the transfer (bank account number and the required number line in the notification column).

MVM Next’ online customer service site never asks anyone to enter their bank card details.

They are reminded: in any case, they should only be entered after redirecting to the secure banking interface. MVM Next distances itself from all unofficial inquiries and fraud attempts, and cooperates with the appropriate authorities in detecting them. We ask that our customers, if they notice any suspicious behavior, immediately forward the inquiry to the [email protected] email address or notify our customer service at Phone number +36 1/20/30/70474 9999,” they conclude their statement.

(Cover image: Editing/Index by Jorundi Novak)