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Index – Economy – The University of Applied Sciences sidewalk will be reserved for families, motorcyclists and festival-goers

Index – Economy – The University of Applied Sciences sidewalk will be reserved for families, motorcyclists and festival-goers

Open Road Days, taking place for the first time on June 28 and 29, welcomes families with exciting programs for children, such as Harley-Davidson motorcycle simulators, children's electric motorcycles, a KRESZ park designed for children, and a free Jurassic Park simulator for children under five. 12s input. Adults can experience the experience of riding a Harley on a free Harley-Davidson Demo Ride in a Harley on Tour truck.

During the day, BMX shows and motorcycle shows follow each other in STUNT ARENA: Jossa Danny (USA), Rob Alton and his team prepare a BMX show. The couple Csaba Erdős and Balázs Erdei, as well as the Mokus parade, will come to the festival with a stunt show.

At the Motorcycle Manufacturer Show, the public can not only enjoy motorcycles, but also meet the motorcycle builders themselves. On June 29, at noon, the motorcycle parade will begin in Budapest with the participation of hundreds of motorcycles, accompanied by police.

One of the most prominent events of the festival is the “Motorcycle Theater”, where the public interested in motorcycles can learn useful information about the important basics of traffic safety.

The goal is for everyone to drive on the roads, helping each other, regardless of the type of car. One of the important goals of promoting the sport of motorcycling is to draw attention to safe driving of motorcycles so that no serious or fatal accidents occur on the roads. Whether we are driving a motorcycle or any other vehicle, we drive as if the things that are most important to us are around us on the road

– said Istvan Knezek, President of the Grand Automobile Coalition and main sponsor of Open Road Days. He stressed: The festival has an important role in drawing attention to safe driving of motorcycles.

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There will be no shortage of concerts either

In addition to family activities, the event is accompanied by performances by many famous musical bands. More than 20 pieces of music await visitors on three concert stages.

Among others, Ugly Kid Joe from California will take the stage. Before the concert of the world-famous American rock band, Tibor Tatrai's supergroup, The Godfather. Presents his new album. Peter Egri and the Mystery Gang, the uncrowned king of the blues, Little G Weevil, Jaxsta Zoli and Veljko Takac, better known from Kartel, will also perform at the festival on Friday.

On Saturday, the rap group AK26 will open the main stage program. while

35-year-old tankcsapda will play their first concert in Budapest this year at Budapest Open Days on June 29.

Before Tankcsapda, “Be the support band for Tankcsapda!” Pablo and Escobar, who won their application out of 196 participants, will perform.

(Cover image: Open Road Days)