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Index – Economy – The star Dutch political scientist: Viktor Orban is not Superman

Index – Economy – The star Dutch political scientist: Viktor Orban is not Superman

There are people who actually believe in the far right. They don’t necessarily see Trump or Orban as saviors, said Cas Mudd, a political science professor at the University of Georgia.

For the majority of right-wing voters, Orban or Trump are the best possible options under certain circumstances

Explanation of the political world. He added that more and more people are voting negatively, that is, not for something, but against something.

Viktor Urban is seen as Superman

The professor claims to have noticed the tendency of voters to seek perfection. He cited US President Donald Trump as an example, who believes that his electoral base has endowed him with supernatural qualities, which even his enemies regard as out-of-this-world charisma. Compare that to the popularity surrounding the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Orban is a talented politician, he is indisputable, he understands how the European Union is doing, but he is not a superman

Cass Mode opened. According to the professor, the Hungarian Prime Minister has made many more mistakes in recent years than in previous periods. He is convinced that not many people find him the best option, and many even assume he is surrounded by corruption. According to the professor, Fidesz’s claim is that the opposition is also corrupt.

This voter believes Orbán will at least do something for them. In this sense, he is a kind of Superman

– said the political scientist, who said that the main weakness of the left, which was exploited by the far right, is that liberal democratic parties cannot orient themselves to the mainstream. According to him, this could have been an ideological project that should have been implemented.

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The Social Democrats are aging

The professor explained that one of the problems of the Social Democratic parties, and this may be a sensitive point, is that their membership consists of the elderly, and the voters are also elderly. For example, he presented the Austrian SPÖ Party, where the average age of members is 63 years. The German Social Democratic Party (SPD) loses thousands of voters for natural reasons every year.

So there is a very old voter base stuck with the Social Democrats, loyal despite all the problems, but this is a very special group of voter base.

– Expose the world of politics.

Young people do not vote

The professor noted that the future lies ahead for young people, but they still do not vote. The Social Democrats are affected by this phenomenon much more than other party groups, and the youth’s indifference is a very serious challenge for them.

The Social Democrats were historically successful among young people, but this has now been reversed, and in some countries they have achieved very poor results. “You have to reach out to the young, but the concerns of the young do not always coincide with the concerns of the elderly, or in some cases, these interests can be seen as hostile or opposite,” the professor noted.

Many young people think that social democratic parties have no profile

he added. He noted that the younger generations want a kind of centrist politics, and if you look at the social and cultural aspects, they prefer a progressive and forward-looking agenda. Therefore, they tend to move towards social liberal and green parties.

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The New Republic Foundation is holding a major conference entitled “The Future of Social Democracy, Far-Right and Populism in Europe and Hungary”, organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and FEPS. The event was opened by Clara Dobrev, Shadow Prime Minister of the Republic of Denmark, who we have introduced here.