Index - Economy - The protest of the giant American companies against the curtailment of the right to vote

Index – Economy – The protest of the giant American companies against the curtailment of the right to vote

A number of American giants initiated a Republican bill in Texas that was passed Thursday morning that undermines the right of people to vote Texastribon. The proposal would eliminate the possibility of easier voting, such as an expanded ballot box.

American Airlines and Dell, the tech material manufacturer, are protesting loudly at the Republican action.

This morning, the Texas Senate passed bills that would bar people from casting votes. We are against adopting any such proposal

American Airlines wrote in a statement.

Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell responded in a Twitter post to another bill he said made the vote more difficult. this is legislation It would prevent local election officials from mailing ballot papers to vote and lay down new rules for those who might help others fill out their ballot papers.

The right to free, fair, and equal voting is the foundation of American democracy. It was difficult to achieve, especially among women and African Americans. Governments must ensure that their citizens have a voice

Dell’s decision says. The critical voices were joined by telecommunications company AT&T and Southwest Airlines. The Election Commission held a public hearing on the matter on Thursday, which lasted all night.

Republicans have reached several bills in Texas this year to tighten voting further, as the turnout was high during the presidential election, the current system favors Democrats. This is especially true for blacks, who, according to an article in the newspaper, are working in much higher shifts, and the extended jar closure also makes it easier to cast their votes. Most of them voted for the Democrats.

(Cover Photo: People wait in line to vote on June 9, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Fotó: Elijah Nouvelage / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images / AFP)

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