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Index – Economy – The people of Suscoti don't order from the battery factory either

Index – Economy – The people of Suscoti don't order from the battery factory either

After Alsózsolca, they don't want the battery processing plant in Sóskút either – this was revealed at the public forum organized by the LMP on Wednesday evening According to the RTL report. Many people could only listen to the speeches through the open window, next to the building, while others were hanging out in the window, because there were too many people at the event.

The hall was filled not only with local residents, but also with residents of the neighboring districts of Erd and Tarnok. Despite the great curiosity, the questions remained unanswered, because despite the invitation, the mayor of Suskote and the head of the Slovenian company, Andrada Group, did not appear at the alternative public hearing.

However, there were mayors of neighboring settlements:

Maybe your mayor and your municipality have surrendered to the company, Érd-Tárnok doesn't, so they can count on Érd, they can count on Tárnok

Laszlo Cizek, Mayor of Erd, said immediately.

Previously, they wanted to open the plant in Alsusulka, Borsod County, where the government promised support of more than 4.5 billion forints, but in the end the location had to be changed due to protests by local residents.

In a storage building in Suscote, which has not been used for a long time, although there are already trucks lined up and the “relocation” continues for several days, the locals do not welcome the plant there either.

Don't destroy our living conditions, our living space, our water, our air!

said a local man at the scene.

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Some also said where they would prefer to see the battery wizard:

We advise them, if they want to bring this battery breaker here at any cost, to take it to Hatvanpuszta, there is quite a lot of space there!

One participant said.

The nearby Chinese electrolysis plant and waste incinerator in Pusztázámor are already causing enough problems for the locals, they don't want any more dangerous factories.

The head of the core organization of the Fidesz party in Tarnok also attended the forum. As he says:

I was hoping that Mayor König would be here too, and I would ask him to arrange for the construction of a groundwater quality monitoring system in Tarnok from tax revenues from the Pusztazámor and Sóskút industrial areas.

One audience member commented sarcastically: “I'm sure he'll take care of it…”

The forum also announced the launch of a petition and a local referendum initiative. All this in order to prevent the battery factory from being opened. Meanwhile, the president of the Slovenian company spoke about the investment in Soscot as a reality for the Internet portal.

Our first plan was Slovenia, but we paused it because we saw that the process would be too slow in our legislative system

said Peter Thibaut, CEO of Andrada Group.

The CEO also spoke about renegotiating the $4.5 billion in state aid previously promised by the Hungarian government, as the size of the plant increased with the change of location.

In this regard, RTL contacted the government, but no response was received. The Pest County government office wrote that they have not issued an official license to Andrada's group.

The Pest County Government Office has not issued an official statement to Andrada Group Kft. For the planned plant in Sóskútra.

– County Government Pest Office wrote.

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the The mayor of Suscot announced a public forum on the topic on Tuesdaywhich is excluded from the press.