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Index – Economy – The Ministry of Energy prepares multi-decade plans

Index – Economy – The Ministry of Energy prepares multi-decade plans

The future of the Hungarian economy is green energy. In the recent period, huge capacities in the field of solar energy have been created in our country. The Ministry of Energy explained in its announcement that the production of systems with an installed capacity of more than 6,000 megawatts can be efficiently coordinated with current consumption needs if they enable the electricity produced to be stored in an environmentally friendly manner for later use.

Pumped energy tanks (SZET), which consist of a lower tank and an upper tank, are used as a proven tool around the world. The water mass can be pumped from the lower tank to the upper tank with an amount of energy greater than the current need. By draining it, the turbine and generator can be operated during periods of power shortage, and thus electricity can be recovered in a cheap and environmentally friendly way.

According to the plans, the first domestic SZET plant could be built with an installed capacity of 600 MW, and it will be able to produce power for 6 hours, during which time water will flow from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir.

In order to protect the water in the pools and manage water responsibly, part of the water surface will be covered with floating solar panels, which will also reduce evaporation.

Initiate exploratory drilling and define long-term targets

After obtaining permits, exploratory drilling to evaluate the soil's bearing capacity can begin in the spring at two sites, in the area of ​​Saguevanka villages in the provinces of Borsod-Abaj-Zemplén and a center in Hevey. Even during preparation, it is a priority that the entire process has as little impact on the environment as possible.

All drilling points are accessed by machinery located on existing forest and agricultural roads which need to be reinforced if necessary. Soil samples will be analyzed in the laboratory, and the results will be incorporated into a feasibility study for the pumped energy reservoir, which will be completed this year. Thanks to test drilling operations, a decision can be made on an appropriate technical and scientific basis about the development justified from an energy point of view – details MOE.