Index – Economy – The government’s solar energy program has failed miserably

Contrary to the government’s promise, only a small portion of the solar tender money was paid to the winners — it turns out application site from the latest data. According to data on Wednesday, the governing body (IH) has supported 35,103 out of 43,379 tenders operating under code number RRF 6.2, and the support contract has been concluded in 34,816 cases. In contrast, only 41 tenders were paid, that is, 41 bids, which is less than 1 thousand of all tenders – wrote Management forum.

Even still, the value isn’t much better if it is Contracted tenders The newspaper stated that the percentage of paid applications in this case is only 1.2 per thousand.

From a forint perspective, it appears that bids worth 153.4 billion forints have been received, IH has so far given approval for 122.1 billion forints, and support contracts for 120.9 billion forints have been concluded. In return, only 78 million 301 thousand 741 forints were paid. This is half a thousand of the total bids, but even taking into account the amounts contracted, it is only 6.5 thousand.

Chancellor Gergely Gulias promised the newspaper in government information released on September 29, 2022 that the payments would be made by the end of the year. The minister literally said:

From the beginning it was said that the payments will take place this year, I think this is sustainable.

Recently, the issue was put on the agenda during the National Assembly session on December 5. At that time, Sándor Szabó of the MSZP questioned the Minister of Energy, on whose behalf State Minister Zsófia Koncz said nothing of substance, the newspaper reported.

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Meanwhile, the government has suspended electricity generated from solar panels indefinitely Possibility of feeding back also. This means that only the so-called autonomous solar system can be installed, in which the energy produced but not used is stored in a battery. However, the additional cost of the battery is several million forints.