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Index – Economy – The difference between the poorest and richest retirees is huge

Index – Economy – The difference between the poorest and richest retirees is huge

According to KSH hospital data measured in 2021, retirees can be divided into five levels based on their monthly income.

  1. income of 71,466 HUF,
  2. income 593 107 HUF,
  3. Income 138,907 HUF,
  4. Income of HUF 176,003,
  5. Income of 278,042 HUF.

So in 2021, the monthly income of retirees belonging to the poorest quintile in Hungary was 71,466 Swiss francs on average, compared to that, retirees in the richest quintile could have 278,042 Swiss francs per month.

This means that

A quadruple difference can be observed between the financial status of the poorest and the most able

Books of money center.

The portal adds that since 2021, experts have been measuring different numbers this year – due to the increase in pensions and bonuses – but the survey is also reliable now, given the inflation that will explode in 2022 and is still strong, the elderly will get more money for nothing, and it is increasing their spending.

Surveys revealed that, according to the poorest retirees, even the richest Hungarian retirees do not live in very good financial conditions. According to them, a person should have a monthly income of 318,000 HUF, but those in the fifth quintile have only 278,000 HUF.

Based on the data

Only the richest class, those in the fifth income quintile, said they could live on their monthly income.

They get 278,000 HUF per month.

The highest-earning pensioners estimate the amount associated with a very good quality of life at HUF 502,000 on average. This amount is more than 200,000 more than the average pensioner in the richest fifth.

Most retirees in Hungary report that they are not satisfied with their income situation. The seniors who received the largest amount also said that their pension is not much, but at least they can live on it.

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