Index - Economy - Telenor network not working in Sopron, subscribers migrated

Index – Economy – Telenor network not working in Sopron, subscribers migrated

On Saturday morning, the indicator also received a signal from a reader that Telenor had not been operating in Sopron for hours. The same readers received messages from and, the problem occurred in and around Sopron.

Our reader wrote responsible for the company

Confirmed that there are no transmission towers operating in and around Sopron,

And Telenor is working on a fix in principle.

The Telenor Hungary Facebook page did not post a network error, but in several comments users complained that they could not surf the Internet, and there were also reports from Fertőd and Fertőszentmiklós.

Telenor did not dedicate a separate post to the problem, a post was made about the telenor game:

The area was affected by a network failure, which our colleagues are working hard to fix. Unfortunately, we can’t say the exact date, but hopefully a correction will be made as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Update: Telenor replied to our article a few minutes before noon, writing:

Regarding the telenor network error near Sopron, we would like to inform you that the service was restored for about an hour (after 10 am), and the network will be working at full capacity by 2 am. Afternoon at the latest. We apologize to our affected customers for the inconvenience caused.

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