Index - Economy - Szijjártó goes to Moscow

Index – Economy – Szijjártó goes to Moscow

On Tuesday, Peter Szijjártó shared new information about the Russian Sputnik vaccine on his Facebook page. The staff of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Food Hygiene (OGYÉI) will head to the factory where the vaccine is being manufactured on Tuesday, and the site is 120-130 kilometers from Moscow. The Hungarians control the production process here, then on Thursday they visit the Russian “OGYÉI”, where the vaccine has been officially approved. They can then decide whether to issue a permit to use Sputnik in Hungary.

The foreign minister will travel to Moscow on Friday, where he will discuss vaccine supplies as well as gas supply issues. He hopes that by then they will be able to achieve tangible results, but for this he will have to grant permission from OGYÉI to use vaccines from alternative sources in Hungary.

Politically, diplomatically, and foreign policy, what can be done, we did everything in our power to get more vaccines, and faster and safer vaccines in Hungary

– Peter Szijjártó said in the video.

The Secretary of State is now putting a lot of pressure on the pharmaceutical institute, because it is up to them when the license is obtained. Only then can he negotiate the vaccine material with the Russian side.

Russian and Chinese vaccines – the foreign minister also spoke about the latter, OGYÉI experts visited China last week – is now a priority for the Hungarian government because vaccine shipments are arriving from the European Union slower than expected.

Peter Szegarto described the European Union process as a scandal last week and severely challenged the European Commission, as he put it, “For months in a row, they have attacked countries like us that wanted to buy vaccines from other sources.”

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