Index - Economy - Sólyom Airways landed at the company cemetery in Józsefváros

Index – Economy – Sólyom Airways landed at the company cemetery in Józsefváros

Falcon Airways, launched eight years ago, is headquartered in the company’s cemetery in Józsefváros. management forum. According to the newspaper, Sólyom Hungarian Airways Kft moved to its new headquarters in April, a well-known company cemetery in Budapest. This is because there is a head office provider with over a thousand registered companies.

Sólyom Airways’ activities include a diverse offering from air passenger transport to space transport, however, between 2016 and 2019 they had absolutely no revenue and their 2020 report is not available. Previously, in 2014, they were making a profit by not being able to fly – without a permit.

The company’s ownership background changed at the end of last year: formerly Sólyom Befektetési és Vagyonkezelés Holding Kft. She was behind the company, but since December Ignácz is the largest owner – since 2019 he is also the managing director of the company. In addition, two private persons, Dénes Földes and kos Hévízi, own shares in the company as individuals.

Falcon Airways previously had big plans: It wanted to launch flights to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and London, among others. In the first three months, they immediately counted 300,000 passengers and planned, like Malév, to operate as a national airline. However, all this has stopped there so that they can no longer obtain the necessary permits to operate.

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