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Index – Economy – So far, four municipalities have applied for government aid due to storm damage

Index - Economy - So far, four municipalities have applied for government aid due to storm damage

The Home Office has barely announced its decision on the latest requests for force majeure subsidies from local governments to reduce natural or other unexpected risks and additional defense expenditures, and new storms have already secured July’s storms. According to insurers, the storm damage has already exceeded 2 billion forints, at least based on claims made so far based on home insurance claims. At the same time, the damage to this company, church and municipal facilities was not included.

A request for prepayment of force majeure support was submitted by three local governments of Somogyi District and one local government of Baranya Province by July 21, for a total amount of HUF 78.610 million

– The Ministry of Interior showed interest in the indicator. According to the ministry, the fifth phase of force majeure tenders is being submitted. As written, accurate data on actual protection and recovery needs will be available after the submission of force majeure requests.

In order to use the subsidy, local governments must report a case of force majeure within 7 days, after which they have 40 days to submit their application to the Hungarian Public Treasury. The Treasury will comment on the request within 14 days and forward it to the Home Office.

The amount of support can range from 70 to 90 percent of the recognized costs.

If defense cost support is requested, the Treasury will transfer the approved amount to the municipalities immediately upon evaluation of the submitted application, following the ministerial decision. The ministry was informed that in case of restoration, local governments can request support within 12 months of the ministerial decision. Municipalities may also apply for an advance subsidy for the estimated costs of protection in order to reduce particularly severe natural damage to a settlement.

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It was last announced on July 14th a result Following this ministerial decision made on June 21, a total of HUF 534.286 million was approved to support 37 local governments in this tender. Of this amount, 1.8 million HUF was a grant advance. In the fourth stage, 51 local government applications from 16 provinces were judged, but 14 did not meet the requirements set out in the legislation.

Mostly, local governments received support to rehabilitate and strengthen roads, flood and inland water protection facilities, utilities, basements, and bank walls.

The largest amount, 122 million forints, has been approved by the ministry for major landslide recovery, but 90 million HUF is required to restore the Virchy Coast, or the flooded Inland Water Protection Water Facility for a total of 49.29 million Swiss francs. He approved a grant of HUF 44 million for the restoration of cellars and bank walls, as well as for the restoration of facilities in Újszentiván, Csongrád-Csanád County.

By the way, in the central budget for 2021, Parliament provided 5 billion HUF to support force majeure, however, in case of exceeding the budget, it is possible to increase the appropriations as necessary. To date, more than 2 billion HUF and 160 million HUF have been awarded for force majeure.

(Cover image: Firefighters cover a roof damaged in the cold the day before with foil. Photo: János Vajda/MTI)

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