Index - Economy - Six more provinces can apply for solar panels

Index – Economy – Six more provinces can apply for solar panels

The third phase of the solar energy tender for residents will start on Monday, when residents of six other provinces (Borsod-Abaug-Zemblin, Hagdi-Bihar, Heviz, Gas-Nagykon-Zolnok, Nograd and Zapolks-Zatmar-Berig) can apply for the subsidy. To install a solar system for family homes. Replace doors and windows, upgrade heating and install a battery.

The aim of the call is to replace the polluting heating system of households with below-average incomes with a modern, eco-friendly solution based on renewable energy sources, giving households access to cheap, self-generated electricity, while preserving the results of public cuts. Attila Steiner announced Minister of State for Innovation and Technology.

He emphasized that the government has set a goal for Hungary to become a climate-neutral country by 2050, thus significantly increasing solar energy production and doubling its capacity in ten years, in line with the Climate and Nature Conservation Action Plan. It intends to provide significant government support for this purpose, which is also the purpose of this first large-scale call for climate protection with a total budget of more than HUF 201 billion.

The maximum amount of non-refundable support is a total of HUF 2.9 million, including HUF 11.3 million including heating upgrade. The requirement to apply is that the sum of the combined income of real estate owners in 2020 should not exceed the per capita Ft. The call has been supplemented by people covered by the kata, so people whose income is below the established income limit are also eligible to apply.

The notice indicated that the order of application does not matter, as all applications submitted within the deadline will be considered. The judging is based on an objective scoring system that favors those who raise children and those who live in the areas to be developed. Application is conditional on entering into a preliminary contract with a registered contractor, but this does not automatically mean that a grant application is considered favorable. The contractor will only apply if the individual has already received the required support.

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The public call is opened at different times in each region. The first phase started on December 6 for the residents of Vijer, Gyor Mousun Sopron, Komarom-Estergum, Fez, Visprem and Zala, the second phase started last week in Baranya, Pax-Kiskun, Vieques, Ksongrad Ksanad, Somogi and for Tolna province. The fourth and final phase of the call will begin on December 27 at 5:00 pm for residents of the capital and Pest Governorate.

In addition to the full call for proposals and their attachments, the Napelem.pá ​​website contains a list of registered contractors, educational videos to help you submit your application, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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