Index - Economy - School Shutdowns: Internet is available for free for March

Index – Economy – School Shutdowns: Internet is available for free for March

The government decree issued in November last year on measures to assist families affected by digital education during the state of emergency was completed in primary education, so that the “fixed internet access service” can now be used free of charge for primary school children as well. From the Hungarian newspaper. The November provisions apply to full-time high school students.

The government made free internet access available for 30 days

In the case of a legal relationship with a public educational institution that provides primary education.

More details have been revealed about the school lockdown, which begins on Monday. Cases of torture.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced in mid-November that the first round of fixed internet service would be free for thirty days for families attending high school full time. The decree on the Temporary Epidemic Internet Service also stipulated, on the day of the Prime Minister’s announcement on November 14, that online teachers with an online subscription can also use the option for free.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) reported in February that nearly one hundred thousand households had requested free internet by then. On December 9, another government decree extended the option to three months (three times 30 days) if families of digitally-qualified high school students, and licensed teachers, reported their need for a service provider.

According to ITM, based on data from the big three companies (Magyar Telekom, Digi and Vodafone) and smaller associations, which mainly include Hungarian companies, it can be seen that more than 98,000 subscribers have used free quarantine internet for that far away.

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(Cover photo: Primary school students study at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic on March 18, 2020. Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI)

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