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Index – Economy – Sándor Czomba: The number of job seekers has never been so low since the regime change

Index – Economy – Sándor Czomba: The number of job seekers has never been so low since the regime change

The Ministry of Economic Development announced that since the system change, the number of registered job seekers has never been as low as it was in June.

In the sixth month of the year, only 224,169 people were registered, the lowest number in the past 30 years.

The number of job seekers decreased by more than six thousand compared to June of last year, by another four thousand compared to the previous month, and about twenty thousand compared to January of this year, according to the latest data issued by the National Employment Service.

In the past few days, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has been separately asked by Index on this subject, and his statement is available at the link below.

Raising the frame of the SZÉP card also helps

According to the ministry’s announcement, the number of those registered in the register has decreased by more than 430,000 compared to the beginning of 2010. “Since 2010, the government has been working to achieve full employment and build an economy based on work. Compared to 2010, there are one million more people working in Hungary today, and a number The staff exceeds 4.7 million,” said Sandor Kzumba.

According to their information, raising the limit of the SZÉP card and expanding its use increases the purchasing power of households, encourages investments, and ultimately contributes to increased employment and a decrease in the number of job seekers.

“As part of the enterprise’s workforce and work experience support programs launched in December, more than 21,000 job seekers have already received job applications, worth nearly HUF 21 billion, which can greatly help job seekers. Find a job as soon as possible,” they added.

They also state that in order to protect jobs and increase the number of employees, the government launched Entrepreneurship Initiative 2 from June with a budget of 6 billion HUF from local funds. The program you can enroll in from August.

Under the subsidy, start-up individual or social enterprises classified as micro-enterprises can apply for a non-refundable subsidy in order to cover their initial costs and increase their competitiveness. With the help of the program, more than a thousand companies can be created – they conclude their statement.