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Index - Economy - Ryanair employees are on strike again

Index – Economy – Ryanair employees are on strike again

The second round of Ryanair flight attendants’ strike began in Spain on Tuesday and will continue for another 11 days. At least eight Ryanair flights to Spain were canceled by 9am, affecting flights to Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza. Unrest can still be expected in the cities of Girona, Malaga, Seville, Alicante and Santiago de Compostela, she says pass.

Nearly two thousand Ryanair employees are taking part in the strike affecting ten airports in Spain.

As we previously wrote, employees of the Spanish-based Irish airline Ryanair announced on the last day of their strike that they would continue to stop work in July due to the ongoing dispute over wages.

The strikes coincide with the movement of the EasyJet crew into Spain starting Friday, July 15.

Due to the planned strikes in July, disruptions to EasyJet and Ryanair flights to and from Spain can be expected

– The British government warned those wishing to travel. Disruptions can also be expected at British airports.

easyJet has three bases in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza) that could be affected by the strike.

Despite the strikes, some Ryanair flights are expected to continue operating in Spain with striking employees on board, as part of the striking employees are still obligated to operate flights under the Spanish government’s decision to protect people’s right to travel. However, hosts will likely only conduct safety briefings and will not perform additional duties such as serving refreshments.

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