Index – Economy – Ryanair angry at the Hungarian government: “Theft is disguised as an environmental tax”

Ryanair responded to the Constitutional Court’s decision in a statement. In the decision, the airline’s complaint, according to which the additional profits tax violated its right to a proportional public burden, was dismissed. According to Ryanair, this is no longer important, because the Hungarian government has replaced the extra profit tax with another tax component.

We previously wrote that on April 20, the Constitutional Court rejected Ryanair’s complaint from last year, which the company had filed because the extra profits tax imposed by the government on actors in several sectors violated the airline’s right to bear the proportional public burden. -to bear.

Ryanair responded a day later with a refusal, which, however, does not offer much thanks to the Hungarian government.

His decision is not particularly significant, since the government has already replaced the extra profits tax with another type of tax, the environmental tax

– read in their statement.

But they regretted what happened. The airline believes the government is aiming to

They disguise the theft as an environmental tax, when in fact it is just an excessive tax

– They wrote and explained that they are currently paying several million euros each year under the EU emissions trading system, which also applies to the emissions of flights arriving and departing from Hungary – he writes 24 h.

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