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Index – Economy – Rule of Law Mechanism: Tibor Navraxx announces an important date

Index - Economy - Rule of Law Mechanism: Tibor Navraxx announces an important date

Tibor Navraxx, Minister Responsible for EU Resources and Regional Development, made a statement regarding the status of negotiations with the EU. He reached the following results for the three areas:

  • The Rule of Law Mechanism In the action, “I trust that the agreement itself can be published at the beginning of September” — to which Judith Varga sent a letter in reply;
  • The partnership agreement “Sometime in the first half of autumn it may come true”;
  • The On EU resources recovery And the agreement “may happen in the second half of the fall, but this year.”

“It’s not up to us to compromise.” According to Tibor Navraxx, the response sent on Monday – which was also explained in detail by the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergeli Golias, “represents a good response from the Hungarian government, which through ongoing negotiations, can also be satisfactory to the Commission.” The European Commission, but we will wait for its evaluation, ”- Tibor Navraxis answered ATV, and then added: It is clear that he knows exactly what is in the letter sent by the Hungarian government to the European Commission on Monday evening.

The minister did not apologize in more detail in this regard.

The government wants to give all guarantees

Tibor Navraxx explained: “In reality, there are not many new thematic areas, but there are additional answers, on the one hand, to clarifying questions, and on the other hand, solutions that allow us to give every guarantee that EU funds will be spent in them. In a transparent way and can predictable and effective.

Tibor Navraxx confirmed that they agreed with the commission that the Hungarian government’s response “will remain confidential as long as negotiations are ongoing and not completed.” After that, he confirmed during the interview that the topics that appeared in this field will soon appear in the publication of legislative proposals anyway.

(Cover Photo: Tibor Navraxx on August 23, 2022. Photo: Rica Szabo/Index)

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