Index - Economy - Roma already have a cryptocurrency

Index – Economy – Roma already have a cryptocurrency

Daniel Siwabo, President of the Romanian Chapter of the International Rome Association, announced the introduction of the cryptocurrency Gipsycoint, writes Upon hearing the news, many people already raised their heads

More than a thousand people decided to invest in the apparently promising initiative.

According to the association, Gypsycoin will fund charitable projects, provide health, technology and moral education to Roma communities, but will primarily operate as a commercial currency.

The head of the association, known in Romania as the “self-proclaimed king of Roma,” drew attention to the fact that the initiative is not only for Roma, they want to invite everyone who sympathizes with this cause and will be happy to participate in it.

The call proved successful, as the initiative’s Facebook post on Saturday boosted interest in the currency by 800 percent as a result of Romanian newspaper reports.

We thank everyone for the lovely messages and support for our project

The creators of coinage, in addition to traditional motifs, wrote in the 21st century. The novelty of the century was also smuggled into the back of the coin, the circles surrounding the gypsy wheel.

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