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Index – Economy – Robots only work at Pizza Hut in Tel Aviv

Index – Economy – Robots only work at Pizza Hut in Tel Aviv

The developer is Udi Shamai, CEO of Hyper Food Robotics. He also owns the Israeli Pizza Hut, which has 90 stores across the country. The pizzeria operating independently is not completely closed, the customer can see how the robots prepare the order – he writes

The “restaurant” is equipped with sensors and cameras so that the robots properly prepare the dough and sprinkle the toppings on top of it. They automatically call for help when a problem that requires human intervention arises.

The robots also clean themselves every 40 minutes with chemical-free, ozonated water that neutralizes odors, bacteria and viruses. The whole project started from scratch, opening the second restaurant in the United States.

It’s not the only company trying to automate fast food, but Shamai says his store is the only standalone store with an all-in-one concept. Competitors are re-upgrading existing stores using bots.

In a few years, there probably won’t be people working in fast food, predicts the automation expert, who says people will realize there are better jobs out there anyway.