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The number of passengers to whom MÁV-START sold tickets was still 1.26 million in 2019, while in 2022 it was already 1.5 million, which they believe could have happened thanks to the developments of online ticket sales of the Hungarian Railways and its international display system .

As it turned out, MÁV-START is committed to green transportation, thanks to which it has many international flights, including night ones.

Many major cities in Europe can be reached with MÁV-START journeys: in a fast and environmentally friendly way, there are 2 pairs of trains per day to Berlin and Warsaw, 5 pairs of trains per day to Brasov, trains to Bratislava, Kas, Prague and Arad run every 2 hours Trains to Munich also depart frequently, but you can travel to Vienna every hour.

Last year, Vienna was the most popular destination in MÁV-START sales with approximately 582,000 passengers; It was followed by Munich with 106,000, Bratislava with 93,000, Prague with 69,000 and Salzburg with 54,000 passengers.

“As a discounted option, it is beneficial for the whole family to travel with START Europa tickets to 15 countries, at the best prices, from almost any station in Hungary to almost all stations in the destination countries – and back,” says the company’s statement.

Night trains Night trains have been operating in Hungary for nearly a century. Flights depart in the evening and arrive in the morning, and a cruise can be comfortably filled sleeping in affordable sleeping cars (4-6 people per cabin) or in sleeping cars that approximate hotel comfort (1-3 people per room. Cabin), and also provides Utasellátó breakfast and for travelers in sleeping cars.

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You can get to Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Krakow, Sekelevold, Brasov, Bucharest by night train from Budapest, as well as the Croatian and Slovenian coasts in the summer. The latest development of MÁV-START is the extension of the Kálmán Imre EuroNight train from December 2022: after Munich, it will reach Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, via Augsburg, Ulm and Göppingen.

Last summer, The Guardian named the MÁV-START overnight direct cruise to the Croatian coast, Split, as one of the Lonely Planet group’s top 10 rail travel experiences in Europe, with more than 9,000 people traveling on board last year, it was revealed.

(Cover photo: Csaba Jászai/MTI)