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Index – Economy – Putin charmed his new friend with the “pasta tsar.”

Index – Economy – Putin charmed his new friend with the “pasta tsar.”

Russian state news agency TASSSZ reported that the North Korean delegation enjoyed Siberian and Far Eastern dishes during the official luncheon. The menu included duck salad with seasonal fruits, including figs and nectarines, followed by pelmeni stuffed with Kamchatka crab and white carp soup.

Before the warm dishes – sturgeon with mushrooms and potatoes and marbled beef ribs with grilled vegetables – guests were served sea buckthorn sorbet.

Dessert was taiga berries with pine nuts and condensed milk.

MTI wrote that the meals were served with white and red wine from the Gyivnomorszkoje estate in the Krasnodar region.

They complimented each other

As mentioned previously, before lunch – but after the negotiations between the delegations, which lasted about two hours – the two leaders also discussed with each other face to face. During lunch, Putin praised the historical relations between the two countries. According to him, the good relationship was based on the fact that Soviet and Korean soldiers fought side by side against Japanese militarists in 1945. He recalled Kim’s visit to Vladivostok in 2019 and said

Discussions are now taking place in the same “genuinely friendly” atmosphere in which they took place.

The Russian President explained that in addition to Vostochny, his guest’s program also includes a visit to other important high-tech clusters, industrial enterprises and innovation centers in the Russian Far East. He then explained that the two countries established diplomatic relations 75 years ago, and that the Soviet Union was the first to recognize the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. According to Putin, his guest “firmly and confidently continues” the work of excellent statesmen like his father and grandfather.

In his toast, Kim Jong Un expressed his readiness to build “stable and future-oriented” relations between countries and, on the basis of this, to encourage strong state building in both countries, as well as to achieve “genuine international justice.” “

From his point of view, there is an unbreakable strategic cooperation.

In Kim Jong-un’s view, he visited Russia at a time when there was a struggle between progress and reactionism, justice and injustice, and “thanks to the common will and united strength of independent forces, the process of building a multipolar world is developing vigorously.”