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Index – Economy – Promise from Moscow to Hungary: stepping on the accelerator

Index – Economy – Promise from Moscow to Hungary: stepping on the accelerator

“Despite the pandemic and sanctions, Rosatom specialists did not ‘stop for a minute’ with the construction of the Pács nuclear power plant in Hungary,” Alexei Likatsov, CEO of Rosatom, said at the Nevsky International Conference on Environmental Protection.

Regardless of our relationship with the European Union, this project is very important to us. There is no doubt that it has been and will continue to be one of our main priorities. Construction did not stop, despite the pandemic and sanctions

– confirmed the CEO.

The head of Roszatom said that his Hungarian partners “want to advance the project faster so that the country will have its first unit by the end of the decade.” This requires certain organizational and legal efforts. “We will do everything in our power not to let our colleagues down,” said the head of Rosatom.

Long term warranty

As previously reported, Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto stressed again on Thursday, before traveling to Brussels, that the government does not support EU sanctions that would affect nuclear energy. In addition, the head of the ministry is also concerned with this Wire, that in terms of energy supply, countries that can produce the necessary amount of energy will be safe. In Hungary, this means nuclear power, which can provide protection from uncertainty in international energy markets.

The long-term guarantees for this lie in the construction of the new blocks for the Pax power plant

confirmed. He reminded that Hungary concluded contracts in this matter more than 9 years ago, but its legal, technical and material details are somewhat outdated, so in order to accelerate investment, the government must adjust the implementation of construction and financial affairs. contracts as well .

The government also submitted a draft contract to the European Commission, which was approved by the Brussels Governing Council.

The new Paks blocks make this possible for Hungary In addition to meeting the most stringent long-term nuclear safety requirements The public subsidy system can be maintained Confirmed by Peter Zeggarato.

(Cover photo: Alexey Likhachev, October 4, 2017. Photo: Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)