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Index – Economy – Production has begun at the Pereteuivalu gas field

Index – Economy – Production has begun at the Pereteuivalu gas field

MVM Group launched a new investment for natural gas exploration and production in the Berettyóújfalu area of ​​Hajdú-Bihar province at the end of last year. According to the planned schedule, the first well was commissioned at the beginning of summer, on Monday, the Ministry of Energy said in its announcement on Tuesday.

The first Berettyó well to enter production on Monday is the Konyár Ny–7 well, with a depth of 2,625 metres. This year, it is expected that three more wells drilled in the reservoir will be trained and tested, in addition to the deepening of another well.
The ministry added.

Production also takes place in Sarkad and Nikpuszta

In another major local project of the National Energy Company, extraction has been taking place since last February. So far, four wells have been drilled in the Nikposzta field near the town of Sarkad in Vieques, bringing 73 million cubic meters of natural gas and 96 thousand cubic meters of crude oil (condensate) to the surface. It is possible to drill up to ten wells in the two stations, in addition to the existing wells, by the end of 2024.

As he wrote, domestic gas consumption has fallen dramatically from the annual level of 10-11 billion cubic meters before the energy crisis, to approximately 8 billion cubic meters. Natural gas consumption can be further reduced, for example, through improved energy efficiency supported in a home renovation program or increased use of geothermal energy. At the same time, natural gas plays an important role in the successful green transition as a balancing energy source to weather-driven renewables.

MVM Group is also expanding its activities in the field of natural gas extraction internationally. As Mosher reported, the company recently entered into an agreement to purchase a 5 percent stake in one of the world's largest deep-sea gas fields, the Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan.