Index - Economy - Private forests can be the solution to the firewood problem

Index – Economy – Private forests can be the solution to the firewood problem

The Chamber draws attention to the fact that, as in the past, forest workers will continue to carry out their activities under professional and official supervision. Moreover, according to them, local forests have huge potential, and the growing demand for conifers can be met by state and private foresters, and according to them, this will not have an impact on the aspects of sustainability.

Due to the global energy crisis, local forests have seen an increase in demand for fuelwood from the population in recent weeks. NAK draws attention to the fact that it can fully satisfy the demands that arise during the autumn harvest period. Many people heat with wood, and, according to forecasts, this method of heating will continue to expand among the population.

Firewood is produced during nearly all logging operations, often exceeding half of the logs harvested

– According to their announcement, where they noted that according to decades of experience, the possibilities for selling firewood vary. Thus, the demand in recent years has been lower than before, which in many cases has led to the postponement of logging operations. The current increasing demand The It can be satisfied permanently from the timber stock that accumulates in the forests.

Private forests have huge potential

In addition to well-functioning private forests, a significant part of private forests has not been cut down for years, and timber harvest can also depend on the latter. The Chamber emphasizes that this is why it places great emphasis on ensuring the proper functioning of the special forest areas.

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According to them, there is huge potential in private forests that are currently not operational.

The supply of firewood can be further improved by having it handled professionally. Preserving natural values ​​is a priority for everyone, and the person of forest professionals is to ensure natural sustainability – this was revealed in the press release of the National Chamber of Agricultural Economics.

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