Index - Economy - Pay the cold month of April the gas bill

Index – Economy – Pay the cold month of April the gas bill

The country consumed more than 942 million cubic meters of natural gas in April of this year. This is about 200 million cubic meters more than the consumption of the same month of the previous year, the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Authority (MEKH) said on Tuesday, which constantly monitors the security of natural gas supplies throughout the year.

Preparations for the upcoming winter have already started in April, with natural gas storage gradually and on schedule, but due to the unusually cold weather in April, some MFGT storage facilities are still unavailable, as the amount of natural gas consumed clearly follows. Temperature change.

The temperature was 2.5 ° C cooler on average in April of this year compared to April 2020.

Last April, the country consumed 745 million cubic meters of natural gas, and this year nearly 200 million cubic meters more, or more than 942 million cubic meters. The average monthly consumption for the month of April during the past three years was 684 million cubic meters.

Domestic natural gas storage facilities closed the drawdown period with a closing stock of 2.42 billion cubic meters and filling over 38 percent. The amount of natural gas reserves to be placed in the storage facility is determined by the MEKH, taking into account the highest measured winter consumption in the service area of ​​the specified service provider in the last one hundred twenty months. In order to secure the supply, debtors must have 2.1 billion cubic meters of stock by October 1, 2021. The MECH statement concludes that natural gas merchants have significant obligations for the coming winter period, and there are no technical barriers to entering the required quantity From gas to natural gas storage facilities.

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