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Index – Economy – No more secrets Tibor Kasza's companies produced such last year

Index – Economy – No more secrets Tibor Kasza's companies produced such last year

Tibor Kasza drove with his brother and wife Challenge Diet Kft had more modest results in 2023 than in 2022. While two years ago its sales revenue was about 1.9 billion Hungarian forints, last year the company brought in only a fifth of that amount, namely 400 million Hungarian forints.

And so ltd. Its profits also decreased significantly: after 2022 profits of nearly 600 million forints, they are now 145 million forints, part of which was put into profit reserves. Despite everything, profits worth 225 million Hungarian forints were withdrawn from it.

At Manker Beauty Kft., which has generated billions in sales in recent years, three people have also shown interest (all three are principal owners according to Opten data). The company's sales revenue reached 4.7 billion Hungarian forints in 2022, and last year its revenue reached 3.7 billion Hungarian forints.

According to the tax results, the company closed with profits of HUF 1.3 billion in the previous year, and HUF 1.22 billion in the previous year. However, no dividends were paid from it, the entire amount went to profit reserves, A. wrote 24. He.

Majka and Balázs Sebestyén are also doing well

Majka DYMA MM Kft's previous years looked like it had a sales revenue of 300 million in 2021, with a profit of 84 million, in 2022 this ratio was 380:78, and in 2023 it also had a profit of 80 million from. Company. Data for 2023 shows that Majka had sales of approximately 512 million and closed with a profit of approximately 75 million.

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Balázs Sebestyén companies, Between Dharmacsakra Kft. and Phova Kft., only the latter actually works, which Compared to 2022 Last year was relatively modest.

After sales of half a billion the year before last, the company achieved sales revenue of 460 million HUF, instead of a pre-tax profit of 176 million HUF two years ago, and the company closed in 2023 with a profit of 150 million HUF. As in 2023, almost all of the amount was paid out as dividends: Balázs Sebestyén According to the paper It decided to pay 147 million Hungarian forints as dividends .