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Index – Economy – More and more Hungarians are choosing camping

Since the beginning of July, there have been more not only local but also foreign guests at the campsites on Lake Balaton. Last year, our citizens provided 68 percent of guest nights spent at star-roofed hotels on Lake Balaton, which was 80 percent on July 28, he writes. Hungarian nation.

Each of our campsites has its own fan base because they each have some special appeal

– Csilla Gyarmati, Balatontourist Sales Director of Opus Global, answered the question when asked which lakeside campground is worth choosing for a family vacation. He said they had almost no foreign guests until the end of June due to travel restrictions, but now they make up a fifth of their visitors.

On the number of visitors to Balatontourist camps, he said that Füred Camping and Holiday Village is the busiest, providing the most services, while Akali Strand-Holiday is a fisherman’s paradise. The Filipino ferry is mostly loved by families with young children, and the longest stretch of wildlife in Cebes is mentioned as Wildflower Camping and Holiday Village with most holiday homes.

Last year and this year, many people learned about the benefits of camping, not only in proportion, but also in absolute numbers, the increase in the number of local guests

– Sheila Germatti said, adding that more and more guests and families are coming to spend their first vacation in a caravan, caravan or tent.

To high prices and saturation Must be counted in Lake Balaton In the summer – Miklos Bilan, director of the tourism consulting firm Everguest, said this in mid-April. It has been proven, as it has been It wasn’t cheap last year either Hungarian sea.

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