Index - Economy - MNB separates from Corvinus

Index – Economy – MNB separates from Corvinus

Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) is drawing money from its training portfolio at Corvinus University in Budapest (BCE) – it has learned from several sources Present. According to their information, “behind the sudden and drastic decision are the leadership styles that Anthony Radev, President of BCE, which many considered“ incompatible. ”At the request of the Index, BCE confirmed this.

The National Petroleum Bureau (MNB) decided to close its cooperation with Corvinus.

As they write, the Central Bank and Corvinus Management are currently working together on a smooth transition so that neither the education portfolio nor the students or teachers are at a disadvantage.

By the way, we had an interview with Anthony Radev in early April, in which the university’s president talked about BCE soon becoming one of the best universities in the world.

Corvinus: There is no conflict

According to the university, Corvinus will continue to ensure smooth operating conditions without the participation of an outside partner. However, they also added that it is contrary to confirmation of the article published at the present time

There has never been and has never been any professional conflict between MNB and Corvinus.

By the way, Corvinus University in Budapest concluded a cooperation agreement with MNB in ​​2015, as a result of which the MNB department was first created, and then rose to the institutional status. Thanks for your cooperation

  • The Master’s program in Economic Analysis has been renewed in both Hungarian and English;
  • Master’s degree in regional and environmental economics in Hungarian and English;
  • The PhD Program in Geopolitical and Sustainable Development has also been launched as an independent program;
  • Numerous scholarship opportunities available;
  • And a number of important textbooks and textbooks are the result of cooperation.
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At the university, they are not concerned about the MNB move, as one of the main pillars of Corvinus’ training portfolio is the field of economic training, which “cannot be tied to any outside partner, it has always been an independent activity of the University”. They added that there were and will remain strategic partners in this field of training, “but this does not mean that the existence and standards of vocational training depend on any partner.”

The National Security Council did not interact substantially

We also sought the central bank’s request in the case, which sent literally the same few sentences to our questions as at present:

“According to the Central Bank Law, Magyar Nemzeti Bank considers its mission to be to develop the financial culture, the economic thinking that underpins it, the institutional system and the infrastructure that supports it, from general economic thinking to the support of scientific activities. Therefore, Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s goal is to raise the level of education. Economic education in Hungary and an increase in general economic education by organizing and supporting educational programs and providing individual sponsorship for distinguished talents. Of course, Magyar Nemzeti Bank is constantly looking for new areas in which it can act as a catalyst and actively informs the educational community about it in all cases, ”MNB replied on our portal.

(Cover photo: Kisantal Dénes / Index)

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