Index - Economy - MNB launched a special series of commemorative coins

Index – Economy – MNB launched a special series of commemorative coins

In the seven-part series, a commemorative coin is issued annually for the most important renovated or reconstructed buildings in the National Haussmann Program. Eszter Hergár, MNB’s Director of Social Relations, confirmed that the seven elements of the series – in a way unique among MNB issues – were combined together to form the honeycomb structure. The Szent István room was opened to visitors on August 20 last year. Commemorative coin is issued to mark the anniversary of the reopening.

The commemorative non-ferrous coin with a face value of 3,000 HUF, made of Scandinavian gold, is legal tender, but should not be used in daily circulation.

– He said, adding that the face value on them serves to preserve the value of the coins to collectors.

He pointed out that the hexagonal shape of the commemorative coin is a curiosity, and the Scandinavian gold ingot was first selected for the commemorative forint coin, adding that 20,000 pieces of the commemorative coin can be produced using the so-called special. Proof-like technology.

Pence Madaras, Director General of the Castle Authority, said the Szent István Hall’s commemorative medal is the work of industrial artist Zoltán Endrődy and graphic artist Orsolya Endrődy.

The obverse of the commemorative coin shows the fabric detail of the reborn room, with the double Apostolic Cross in the center, surrounded by other textile decorative elements. The back page shows details of the Zsolnay fireplace, the characteristic element of the Szent István room, with a bust of Szent István in the center. As pointed out by Eszter Hergár, the pattern appears at the edges with edited lines like a blueprint, which is replaced by a higher plastic increasingly towards the center, indicating the process of realization of blueprints.

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Depending on the stock available, the commemorative coin can be purchased at face value for one year after issue in the coin shop and online store of Magyar Pénzverő Zrt. , which produces and distributes coins.

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