Index - Economy - March wasn't a good month for retail

Index – Economy – March wasn’t a good month for retail

In March, retail trade volume decreased 1.5 percent year-on-year and 2.0 percent year-on-year, according to preliminary data. It has a role to play
The impact of the new restrictions on retail, which took effect on March 8th. Compared to the previous month, seasonal trading volume and revised calendar for retail trade turnover increased by 0.8 percent, He said Central Statistical Office.

In March, grocery and convenience store sales of food types fell 2 percent.

The volume of mixed-store sales of foodstuffs, which account for 76 percent of retail food sales, decreased by 1.8 percent, while the volume of sales of specialty foods, beverages and tobacco decreased by 2.9 percent.

There has been an expansion of grocery stores, and the fuel trade has been disrupted.

In the non-food retail trade, sales were down 5.9 percent.

Sales in general stores of the manufactured goods type increased (8.8 percent). Sales volumes decreased in pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, perfumes (19 percent), books, computers and other manufactured goods (22 percent), furniture, technical items (46 percent), textiles, clothing and footwear (48 percent) ) And second-hand shops (59 percent), according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Online parcel and retail volumes, which cover a wide range of goods and account for 13 percent of retail sales, increased by 62 percent, reaching a record high of 140 billion HUF.

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