Index - Economy - Katás: NAV has been warned of this deadline

Index – Economy – Katás: NAV has been warned of this deadline

Service providers must submit a 20KATA form to the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) by Feb.25, and the tax office has caught attention. Since last year, the income declaration can also be prepared via the Online Form Fill Application (ONYA), so it’s easier and faster to fill out – the tax office said website.

At ONYA, a large percentage of gifting can be completed online by last year’s deadline of February 25th by providing only three statements – period, number of months, and income earned.

You don’t need a special utility to use the web application, but at the same time it includes all the functionality of the previous form filler – ÁNYK.

There will be a number of changes, both in the tax burden to be paid and in the administration.

Management in ONYA is faster and simpler, because after electronic identification, the application automatically loads the data known to the NAV, so the user only has to enter the content data. At ONYA, in addition to managing your own affairs, you can also act as an agent.

The Tax Office has also indicated that the service can also be used by those who have to declare, for example, a percentage tax, corporate tax, or late payment allowance.

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