Index - Economy - Jobs in stores are full

Index – Economy – Jobs in stores are full

Jobs in stores are already being filled, mainly due to the fact that the pandemic has reduced working hours almost everywhere – Writes based on latest recruitment stats.

According to experts, in many cases, stores close at 7 pm.

All this is noticeable in everyday stores, large specialty stores and shops operating in shopping centers.

By the way, the number of store employees has gradually decreased in recent years, partly due to the fact that self-service equipment is appearing in more and more places.

There was also some decline in 2020, but the impact of the pandemic was mainly being felt in the way in which the almost permanent staff shortage in stores has been eliminated.

Meanwhile, many stores, especially those selling industrial goods, have not only had to reduce their operating hours, but have also been forced to permanently close due to lower demand, which is also not good for employment rates.

For store employees, the most difficult situations are for skilled store employees. They are the most affected by the introduction of kiosks in more and more places, as this will reduce the need for professional dealers. In addition, due to the epidemic, the popularity of delicacies has also declined compared to the past, which also does not promise them much.

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