Index - Economy - ITM: We excel at investing

Index – Economy – ITM: We excel at investing

We have already crossed the area at the first turn; German companies see the situation and outlook for the Hungarian economy as more favorable than the regional average. This was announced by Laszlo Giorgi, Minister of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, MTI wrote. He pointed out that the German foreign chambers of commerce and agencies operating in 16 countries in the region conducted a survey of economic conditions and prospects.

The Finance Minister expects economic growth of 4 percent this year.

The Foreign Minister indicated that German companies in Hungary are more optimistic about the expansion of new jobs and investments and have bigger plans for the future.

This appears to confirm expectations that this year Hungary will have the highest investment rate in the European Union. The Foreign Minister stressed that Hungary considers crisis management important to encourage investment, and that is why it has kept the Hungarian investment rate at 28 per cent in the year of the crisis, which is the third highest in the European Union.

According to him, analysts at Capital Economics in London also expect that the recovery of the Hungarian economy is expected to start earlier than the recovery of other Central European economies. Incidentally, they expect a Hungarian growth of 6 percent by 2022.

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