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Index – Economy – Is the issue of granting Erasmus doomed to fail?

Index – Economy – Is the issue of granting Erasmus doomed to fail?

In the second half of May, the Hungarian government sent two proposals to Brussels in the form of bills, but according to Free Europe’s information, neither of them reached the level where conditional rule of law could be advanced. Procedure.

the page He knows that proposals before then, in March, were rated dark orange on a color scale from green to deep red, which roughly equates to a complete rejection. At the end of May the packaging will be between yellow and dark orange.

Positions are still far apart in the area of ​​asset declaration, and recent Hungarian proposals have not made any tangible progress either. The European Commission wants the Independent Integrity Body (IH) to verify the authenticity of asset declarations of high-ranking politicians and civil servants. According to Free Europe, there may or may not be progress in strengthening IA powers, so this issue also remains open.

The deadline is fast approaching

In addition, one of the biggest problems – because of the expiring deadlines – is the positioning of universities operating in the public interest enterprise model. In the second half of May, the government put forward a counter-proposal to the committee’s proposal in March, but according to the newspaper, this would not be enough to close the debate. The proposal has a serious flaw: it is silent on the clear criteria that applicants must meet in order to become members of the Board of Trustees. The issue of involving members in boards of trustees has not been resolved, but there are also many open questions.

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Agreement is still a long way off, however, as things stand, final decisions on new Erasmus awards starting in September will be made by July 18th. By this date, the government must submit a final version, which in principle the committee has two months to evaluate, and the council has another month to lift the countervailing decision issued in the measure.

Johannes Hahn, the EU commissioner in charge of the budget, has previously stated that if the government does not act quickly, university students operating in the foundation system could lose their Erasmus scholarships. Regional Development Minister Tibor Navraxx stated in May that there were still questions about the interpretation between the two parties. According to the Free Europe report, Brussels is surprised that the government needs several months to ask questions in written form at all.

(Cover photo: Omar Havana/Getty Images)