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Index – Economy – Ica Peru, the former company of Peter Hajo and operator of Costa Coffee, also appears in the list of debtors

Index - Economy - Ica Peru, the former company of Peter Hajo and operator of Costa Coffee, also appears in the list of debtors

The latest list of debtors for the second quarter was published by the National Tax and Customs Office, the first place this time was in Budapest, 17th. The county individual, who owes more than five billion forints to the state – writes nabe.

NAV data shows that the number of arrears accumulated against the office increased to 1.2 million compared to last year, and in 2020, hundreds of billions of forints of bad debts remained unpaid.

The latter list includes 73 debtors, 43 individuals and 30 economic organizations or other institutions with large tax deficits, that is, more than 10 million for individuals and more than 100 million for enterprises. The total established tax deficit is HUF 16.4 billion, plus fines imposed and late payment allowance, which is HUF 20.2 billion.

The registered individual also reveals from the company’s database that he has already appeared in eight companies. Only two of those are in operation, and one also has a stake, which was also taken over by the Executive in February.

Interestingly, the cheater known as Broker Marci is no longer on the list, but her daughter did, and former Metal Lady, Judge Eka, was added. Among the companies, the former business of Péter Hajd, Frizbi Entertainment Kft. , but you can find L-Coffee Kft. indirect benefit.

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