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Index – Economy – Hungarian companies are testing what artificial intelligence can do

Index – Economy – Hungarian companies are testing what artificial intelligence can do

For Chapter 6, K&H measures innovation activity in the sector of medium and large domestic enterprises. The K&H Innovation Index composed of research data rose to 29 points in the second half of 2023, one point higher than the low point measured in the previous half, but still can be described as weaker than average.

Artificial intelligence is slowly but surely spreading in Hungarian companies

– They mentioned in the research. More than a tenth (11%) of companies are using new technology. About 5% of companies use AI for speech recognition, machine translation, or as a chatbot. In the second half of last year, 10% of companies reported using AI to automate processes.

Apparently, companies are just trying to figure out what AI can do

– said Balazs Nemeth, Head of Innovation at K&H, who highlighted that compared to last year's boom in the development of personalized offers, risk management and fraud detection, companies now indicate a more moderate use, but According to him The story is far from here. The innovation specialist stressed that in light of the unfavorable economic environment – in addition to low demand and high costs – companies are focusing on core operations at the present time. They are trying to explore their internal reserves and rationalize their own operations, which can help them greatly artificial intelligence to request.

Companies are digitally transforming using steam power

Among the data, the topic of digital transformation stands out clearly, because the survey reveals that half of the companies continue to develop dynamically in this area. Connecting existing software is less common than in the past, and

– It was highlighted in the research analysis document. This indicates that 60 percent of the company's employees use computers in their work. Among them, the percentage of Internet users is constantly increasing, now reaching 74 percent (this percentage was only 49 percent in the first half of 2021). The proportion of people who use a mobile IT device at work is increasing every year, reaching 56 percent in the second half of 2023 (this percentage was only 39 percent in the first half of 2021).

Companies are trying to make the most of the opportunities inherent in digitalization. It is increasingly common and shows significant progress (16 percent) for companies to analyze the large amount of digital data collected in detail (big data analysis).

The percentage of companies analyzing social media data (such as comments) is decreasing every year. Two years ago, only a tenth of companies were monitoring the flow of news on social media, but today only 1% of them indicate this activity, K&H revealed in its research.

(Cover photo: Claudio Cruz/AFP)