Index – economy – has many advantages, and the loyalty card no longer takes up space in your wallet

Consumer needs are changing dramatically due to the rise in food prices, sales have begun to decline in almost all product groups, and people are looking for cheap prices and hunting sales to an unprecedented extent. Promotional newspapers placed in stores or thrown into mailboxes usually end up in the trash, and instead, customers find information on online platforms. Digital flyers are going viral, so they promise more colorful content, and additional deals and discounts are also available on many mobile apps. The spread of digital solutions is also good for the environment, thanks to them it is possible to reduce the environmental load, Lidl, for example, can reduce it by up to 3,500 tons Paper use.

The power is in the digital loyalty card

Lidl Hungary has been strengthening its online presence for a long time, which encourages customers to subscribe to Lidl’s e-newsletter, which will be the first to learn about the latest promotions. The discount newspaper is not only print and online, but Lidl and Lidl Plus It can also be found in the app. Another feature of the Lidl supermarket chain app is that it also has a shopping list function, so that customers can simply register the products they want to buy.

In addition to the discounts included in the promotional newspaper, Lidl Plus users can save an average of an additional 10-12 percent or a fixed amount of coupons per week when shopping, and they can get a scratch card after each purchase, which can lead to further discounts. In addition to all this, unlike other loyalty programs, Lidl Plus always offers an exclusive discount to customers who scan their digital loyalty card at checkout.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the favorite store is entered correctly, since unique promotions from the store may also occur, which will be reported only to users who have marked the relevant store as favorites.

One card, many benefits

Thanks to the development of the app, they can also get an additional discount through Kupon Plus, which provides customers with a free product or an additional discount at the end of the bill after reaching certain amount limits. In addition, from time to time there is also the possibility of a prize game to collect points, with which you can win up to 200,000 HUF.

It is also characteristic that the application can be used not only in Lidl stores. Offers by the company’s partners mean additional discounts for Lidl Plus users, from everyday needs to seasonal indulgences.

The article was created as part of a content collaboration between Index and Lidl Hungary.

(Cover Photo: Laszlo Rocca/MTI)

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