Index - Economy - GVH is also looking at the screws of two mobile service providers

Index – Economy – GVH is also looking at the screws of two mobile service providers

The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has also initiated competition oversight measures against Vodafone and Magyar Telecom for allegedly misleading their mobile network packages with unlimited use of certain community apps, the competition authority said Thursday afternoon.

In October last year, GVH began supervising competition proceedings against Magyar Telekom Plc. Then in January of this year against Vodafone Magyarország Zrt. For the same reason:

It is possible that companies are misleading to promote their mobile internet packages with unlimited use of some social apps.

According to the Competition Authority’s notice, the advertisements in question may give the impression to consumers that in addition to the amount of data included in the mobile Internet package, they can use some social applications that can (also) be installed on a mobile device. However, some data traffic is likely to reduce the range available to consumers in such cases as well, so its use is not really limitless.

Initiation of competition proceedings does not mean that the companies have committed the violation. The procedure aims to clarify the facts and thus establish the alleged violation. The permissible period for conducting the procedure is three months, it can be extended twice in each justified case, with a maximum of two months each – read the GVH announcement.

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