Index - Economy - Gender Equality, Goodbye!

Index – Economy – Gender Equality, Goodbye!

The World Economic Forum in Davos (WEF) said in a report released at dawn Wednesday, that with more than an entire generation, the new type of Coronavirus epidemic will restore the time needed to achieve equality between men and women.

According to the study, there are huge differences between countries, but in the current situation, the World Economic Forum estimates that it will take 135.5 years for men and women to become socially equal. According to the 15th edition of the World Economic Forum’s report, this was 36 years more than it was before the pandemic. With so much time, more women and men will be needed to become equal in the economic, political, health, or educational fields.

The pandemic has had a fundamental impact on equality between men and women in both the workplace and the family, with years of progress wasted

Saadia Zahidi, member of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum highlights that more women have lost their jobs as a result of the epidemic because women are overrepresented in sectors particularly affected by the economic effects of the epidemic. According to the International Labor Organization, 5 percent of women and 3.9 percent of men have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

The report also identifies a ranking of countries around the world that say Iceland remains the closest to gender equality, followed by Finland, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden.

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