Index - Economy - Four thousand families own a third of Hungary's wealth

Index – Economy – Four thousand families own a third of Hungary’s wealth

About 4-4.5 thousand households own 30 percent of the total net domestic financial wealth, writes My Money.

a outlet There are currently approximately 4,000 to 4,500 families in Hungary who can own more than HUF 300 million in financial assets in addition to their real estate assets, said Istvan Karajic, founding managing director of financial advisory firm Blochamps. It is these families that account for more than 5 percent of retail bank accounts and stock savings in the entire country,

It owns 30% of the total net domestic financial assets.

Wealth is primarily in the hands of the old entrepreneurs of the first generation, who, in turn, are increasingly “sitting on their money” and not helping their heirs realize their ideas. Therefore, the consulting firm has now produced a separate publication to facilitate ‘Generational Strategy Building’.

In an earlier analysis, Blochamps wrote that an astonishing concentration of wealth has begun among the wealthy in the past three years, and as a result

By 2025, the country could have seven thousand billionaires and seven billion dollars.

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