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For two weeks now, notifications and decisions regarding motor vehicle taxes from the National Administration of Taxes and Customs (NAV) have been continuously received in motorists’ electronic storage. Anyone who does not open the document on time will not know how much he will have to pay by March 15.

Being late can be an expensive pastime.

The decision will be received from the tax office by those whose car tax has changed compared to last year. Anyone whose status does not change will receive a reminder notification.

The first installment of auto tax must be paid by March 15, 2022 and the second by September 15.

If someone misses deadlines, they can expect a late fee. The tax must be paid in Hungarian forints, without rounding, to NAV Domestic Vehicle Tax Revenue Account No. 10032000-01079160. If you choose a bank transfer, enter your tax number or tax identification number on the notice, not your license plate number.

Documents received electronically should be opened as soon as possible, as they will be automatically deleted after thirty days. If the document is placed in permanent storage after opening, then the specified amount can be refunded later. By clicking on the link in the email notification (or link) can be accessed in a specific way. If someone has forgotten their password for their electronic storage, they can request a password reminder by entering their email address.

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