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Index - Economy - Families can get up to tens of thousands to start the school year

Index – Economy – Families can get up to tens of thousands to start the school year

The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is approaching nonstop, so for now, one can only hope that families can experience a quiet fall without digital education. money center compile However, he considers that the acquisition of the necessary equipment cannot be avoided.

An average family with two children spends a total of 40-80 thousand forints during this period.

Referring to a survey conducted by Pulse Researcher last year, the portal adds that purchasing home office furniture and entry-level computers for entry-level computers could mean a more significant additional expense.

If a student starts in high school, it may cost more. If you go to a college or university, to another city, the amount may double due to rent and deposit. The portal, however, highlights that

There are a number of giving options that remove some of the burden from parents.

The paper also contacted several local governments, including Terézváros, Erzsébetváros, buda, Debrecen or Békéscsaba, to see what form they offer to resolve this financially stressful period. According to the assembly, help is available in almost every city and region, so it is worth going to the website of the local municipality and downloading application forms from there.

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