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Index – Economy – Entry or Establishment, it does not matter

In the event that the person qualifies to leave the country under the EU Citizens Settlement Scheme and has a valid reason for past the application deadline, we will provide another opportunity to apply for the Settlement Scheme, the British Embassy told us last week.

Index books previously, after the Guardian, up to £ 2,000 (around 800,000 Ft) Success Mark of EEA citizens wishing to leave the United Kingdom (27 member states of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). There had been a similar initiative before, except that the beneficiaries were not EEA citizens.

The Embassy will publish a non-exhaustive guide in early 2021 of what constitutes a good reason to miss the deadline. As they wrote, it will include examples, among others

  • In the case of children, if the parent or guardian does not appear on their behalf;
  • Abusive Relationships That Are Prevented From Submitting;
  • And those who are physically or mentally prevented from serving.

Within the voluntary return system, all applications are assessed on the basis of merit and all EEA citizens who arrived in the UK before 11 am on 31 December during the transition period are informed that they are eligible to apply for established status through EEA citizens. .

We have not promoted the services of the voluntary repatriation system to citizens of the European Economic Area and do not intend to continue doing so.

The embassy said. They added that the information did not encourage citizens to apply for return assistance, but the document provided information on the support available in case they decided to return voluntarily.

200,000 Hungarians may be affected

Given that the number of Hungarians living in the UK is large – according to the embassy, ​​it is estimated that almost twice the number of 110,000 Hungarians registered to date – it is important to provide the most complete information possible. A reader in Edinburgh also came up with this topic and was informed of the resettlement program several times. According to him, the information was sufficient and it was possible to apply for it with the help of the mobile application.

We are also interested in the opinions of many of our UK citizens. Do you deserve it Leaving the UK for 800,000 Ft at all? We are waiting for your review at the address [email protected].

About the voluntary return system and the incorporation system Here And Here Those interested in this can get the information.

(Cover Photo: John Sibley / Reuters)

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