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Index – Economy – End of the century: EU member states can rely mainly on themselves

Index - Economy - End of the century: EU member states can rely mainly on themselves

Oliver Hortay, Head of Energy and Climate Policy, said the strong flotation of the sanctions, the argument in favor of their application, and the panel’s communications about Nord Stream 1’s shutdown have driven up energy prices. “This means income for Russia and additional costs for Europe,” he added. According to him, if it were up to the European Commission, the EU would not buy Russian gas since April.

Oliver Hortay described it as unfair for member states to help each other if necessary on the basis of solidarity.

This may result in an unfair situation if the irresponsible agricultural member states are supplied with gas by the responsible farmers. All this while in recent months, irresponsible cultivators have often attacked responsible member states


He criticized the proposal regarding the use of gas

Oliver Hortay also criticized the European Commission’s proposal that member states reduce gas consumption by 15% by next spring.

The Union cannot impose on a member state how much energy it must consume

business manager said.

It’s an open question, said Oliver Hortay, as to whether the commission could create the legal background for its proposal. He said: No one has authorized the European Commission to tell individual member states how much they can consume, or the gas reservoir operators, to whom it sells stored gas. According to him, the commission’s proposal fundamentally violates the sovereignty of member states, and he complained that the commission was “trying to centralize” measures taken in the event of a gas emergency.

The experience of recent years, including the central procurement of a coronavirus vaccine in the European Union, shows that in the event of a problem, member states can essentially rely on themselves.

– Added Business Manager at Századvég.

As we wrote: The President of the European Commission announced live on the air why serious savings and solidarity among member states are so important in the coming period. Ursula von der Leyen said: Since there are some member states that are highly exposed to Russian gas, it is important that member states help each other if necessary.

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