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Index – Economy – End here: Irregularly closed access gates on Lake Balaton are demolished

Index – Economy – End here: Irregularly closed access gates on Lake Balaton are demolished

In the past there were settlements on the shores of Balaton, where the Water Authority employees have already started dismantling illegal piers on Balaton and cutting the piers' gates with bends, as it is forbidden to put gates or fences on the piers leading from public land to the water on Lake Balaton. This law has not been enforced for decades and nothing has happened, but now it has been reported by HerbalatonThis week, notices appeared on illegal dock gates in South Balaton, stating that their owners have 5 days to dismantle them, otherwise the Water Administration will do so at the owner’s expense.

In the absence of a permit for the dock, the Water Department also demolishes it where the dock was properly built, but only the gate is removed there.

According to the newspaper's information, over the past few weeks, many people have begun demolishing illegal buildings themselves in the eastern part of the lake, so that they do not have to pay large fines. And now, on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, it has also been observed that more and more people are demolishing their irregularly built or gated piers. The authorities are publishing warnings in several places.

Illegal sidewalk construction is not only irregular, but also dangerous

The acceleration of operations is also due to the presence of a new head of the Water Affairs Branch in Balaton.

As the Index reported, the demolition of dangerous and irregularly abandoned fishing poles and illegal piers began last year, and now it is the turn of the pier gates. The authorities confirm that, according to the legislation in force, anyone who built his own pond with the appropriate permit cannot close it with a gate or fence if he enters the lake from public lands.

The change may also be caused by the fact that the reeds in some coastal parts have begun to die in several places due to cutting and removal of the reeds.

In this article, we discussed the position of local residents on the demolition of sidewalks that have been in place for several decades.