Index - Economy - Due to sanctions, Gazprom is getting tougher, Nord Stream will not be restarted

Index – Economy – Due to sanctions, Gazprom is getting tougher, Nord Stream will not be restarted

According to the largest Russian company, “due to the Canadian, European and British sanctions regimes, as well as Siemens, which does not comply with existing contractual obligations, it is impossible to connect the turbines to the Portovaya plant” – TASzSz Report According to this repaired turbine will be needed to restart the Nord Stream 1 . gas pipeline

The gas arrives in Europe on contractual terms.

German government spokesman Wolfgang Buechner said on Wednesday that the delivery of Nord Stream turbines to Russia does not require additional guarantees because the unit is not subject to sanctions. He added: The conditions are complete. And German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced, on Wednesday, that there are no longer any technical obstacles for Russia to fulfill its obligations in gas transportation contracts. Moreover, according to the German chancellor, the turbine is in perfect condition and all official documents are available. Then he added: There are no legal obstacles to using the turbine.

All that is required is for the Russian side to have someone who wants the equipment to arrive

– said Olaf Schultz.

There have been delivery issues for weeks

Since July 27, the North Stream has been operating at about 20 percent of its maximum capacity due to the shutdown of the turbines. One, made by Siemens in Canada, was sent to Montreal for repair. Because of the sanctions imposed on Moscow, the manufacturer initially refused to return the repaired equipment to Germany, but in the end decided to return it.

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As Vitaly Markelov, Vice President of Gazprom, said on Rossiya 24 TV channel at the end of July, Siemens does not fulfill its commitment to repair failed components at Nord Stream. As a result, only one turbine remained in operation at the compressor station, which is why the supply of Russian gas was reduced.

Putin has already commented on this issue

As mentioned earlier, the laying of the Nord Stream gas pipeline was also among the topics that Vladimir Putin personally discussed with former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder last week. According to RIA Novosztyi, the meeting discussed energy security and how Nord Stream 2 could be restarted.

According to the news agency, Gerhard Schroeder asked the Russian president to explain his position on the gas delivery problem. For this, Vladimir Putin said that they are waiting for the repair of one of the turbines and that they have not received the necessary documents for this. According to the Russian president, the situation is also complicated by the fact that it is the British subsidiary of Siemens, and not the German company, that carries out the repairs. On the same topic, the German company Siemens said on Wednesday that it fulfilled all the conditions and obtained all the papers, but did not receive a response from Gazprom.

Currently, according to the information, the transmission capacity on the North Stream 1 line is about 20 percent, which seriously affects energy prices throughout Europe.

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