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Index – Economy – Discussion of Marton Nagy in Egypt

Index – Economy – Discussion of Marton Nagy in Egypt

Minister of National Economy Marton Nagy traveled to Egypt on a return visit at the invitation of Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The main topic of the negotiations was IT and artificial intelligence issues, which were revealed in the press release of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Egypt is one of the most prominent North African countries from an economic standpoint, with a gross domestic product approaching $400 billion. It is also a member of important international organizations such as the League of Arab States and the African Union. Technological development in Egypt is dynamic, and the rate of progress is remarkable on the African continent.

The Hungarian delegation consists of about 25 people from representatives of Hungarian companies, universities and research institutes looking for business partners and carrying out technology-intensive activities.

The experts participating in the delegation, who mainly deal with artificial intelligence, industrial automation solutions, autonomous vehicles and information communications, were selected based on the areas of interest of the Egyptian partners.

Its activities cover research and development, education and the provision of corporate digitization services.

Hence, they have every opportunity to build promising relationships both academically and commercially during their programs in Cairo.

Regarding the meeting, Marton Nagy stressed that “the Ministry of National Economy welcomes the intention to conclude a cooperation agreement between the two countries in the field of information communications,” and for this reason one of the goals of the meetings was to finalize the content of the agreement.

He stressed that cooperation can extend to the fields of artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things, Open Ran, augmented reality, blockchain, financial technology, and e-commerce, which, in addition to its positive economic impacts, will deepen and rise to a new level. Cooperation between the two countries.