Index - Economy - Data on the purchase of the Matra power plant may remain confidential

Index – Economy – Data on the purchase of the Matra power plant may remain confidential

It would be in the interests of national security to publish all the details of the transaction related to the purchase of the Matra power plant, so the court decided, in the second case. Contrary to the lower court’s decision, the Grand Court of Appeal dismissed the lawsuit brought by MSZP’s co-chair in the lawsuit against state-owned MVM over undisclosed copies of documents related to the purchase of the Mátra Power plant. This is Bertalan Toth Tell People’s word.

According to the court, one of the provisions of the law “On the More Economical Operation of Publicly Owned Enterprises”, among other things, stipulates that utilities may disclose certain commercial, financial, technical data and preparatory documents for the benefit of citizens. Security, central or foreign finance.

Disclosure may also be denied if it gives the company’s competitors an undue advantage.

According to the court of second instance, the MVM “proved” or “provided in detail” that it withheld the individual parts on the basis of said legal provision. The Court of Appeal, in closed session, also received the ambiguous documents and came to a similar conclusion. The MVM also argued that the decisions fit with their strategy.

The government said the nine-year process should not jeopardize existing jobs.

The MSZP co-chair is heading to Korea.

In December 2019, the state-owned MVM bought most of the shares in the Matra power plant, which had been of interest to Lőrinc Mészáros until then.

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